The ESMO 2011 Conference is only 1 month away, and Hinkel Equipment Rentals will again be assisting Bronto Skylift in their expo booth and at the outdoor demonstration area.

Hosted by National Grid in Providence, RI, the ESMO Conference runs from May 16th to
May 19th. If you perform transmission line work, then this conference is not to be missed.
From educational seminars and indoor vendors’ booths, to an outdoor demonstration area filled with tower manufacturers, wire stringing tools, aerial lifts and numerous other examples of the newest equipment for maintenance or construction of transmission lines, ESMO delivers. Bronto will have two units at ESMO, a 178' insulated unit for bare-hand capability, and one of Hinkel Equipment’s compact 150' steel aerials.

The S 150 XDT (eXtreme Duty Telescopic) is revolutionary for its compact dimensions, light weight and generous platform capacity-up to 1500 pounds. The Bronto B+3 Control system measures the load in the platform, the boom length and boom angles, and even the wind speed in order to maintain the optimal working envelope. The work platform is equipped with hydraulic tool outlets, a material handling boom and 110V AC outlets, which eliminates the need for frequent trips back to the ground.

With a total transport weight of less than 45,000 pounds when used on a 6 x 6 chassis, the 150' Bronto is legal for road travel through every state, 365 days per year. Off-roading also benefits from the light weight, requiring less right-of-way preparation than older, heavier units. An automatic transmission eases the driver's workload, too.

We hope to see you at the ESMO 2011 Conference. Please stop by the indoor booth, and visit our outdoor exhibit stand to experience the Bronto machines.