Equipment Uses

Brontos are perfect for several applications, including transmission line maintenance, building and bridge inspection, TV and movie production, and wind farm maintenance. Learn more about Brontos and some of the most common applications for their use below.



Transmission & Wind Access

Hinkel Equipment Rentals offers Bronto Skylifts with working heights up to 200 ft. These machines offer the safest method of transmission line and wind farm maintenance available today. They also adhere to OSHA regulation 1962.550(g)(2):

"General requirements. The use of a crane or derrick to hoist employees on a personnel platform is prohibited, except when the …use… of conventional means of reaching the worksite, such as a[n] …aerial lift … would be more hazardous or is not possible because of structural design or worksite conditions."

The use of a Bronto, with its redundant safety features, will ensure that all workers are within a safe operating setup at all times, which translates to better safety performance for your company. 

Bridge and Building Inspection

Hinkel Equipment Rentals has extensive experience providing bridge inspection support. We are also your source for building inspections, including historical building structural integrity. Hinkel’s Bronto Skylift aerial lifts have been used to inspect landmarks such as Philadelphia’s City Hall and Arch St. United Methodist Church.

With working heights up to 200 ft, Hinkel’s aerial lifts can get you exactly where you need to be for bridge or building inspections. The Bronto’s superior technology and precise maneuvering will help inspectors get the job done quickly and safely.



Film, TV, Sports, Entertainment

Hinkel Equipment Rentals has decades of experience providing equipment to the entertainment industry. Our equipment has been a behind-the-scenes asset for films such as TapsUnbreakable, and Return to Paradise. We have also provided equipment for music video production for many well-known Philadelphia artists. Also, our equipment can provide camera crews with superior overhead shots of sporting events.

When production crews need equipment that is both versatile and reliable, they turn to Hinkel Equipment Rental Associates' fleet and our knowledgeable employees.