Hinkel Equipment Rentals to attend ICUEE 2019 in Louisville

Hinkel Equipment Rentals will be exhibiting with Bronto Skylift at the ICUEE trade show October 1-3, 2019.

The Bronto Skylift booth, Lift & Haul Demo Lot (N) — N2054, will feature the world's tallest insulated work platform SI219HDT-C and the trusted and well known S150XDT. Attendees will have the opportunity to get up close with these machines and see their fast setup and reliable operation.

Mark Hinkel, president of Hinkel Equipment Rentals, is pleased to representing the company at this show, and looks forward to connecting with customers.

Are you attending the show and want to meet with Hinkel Euqipment? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you to set up a meeting.

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Hinkel Equipment Rentals attends Global ESMO 2019

Hinkel Equipment Rentals attends Global ESMO 2019

From June 24-27, Hinkel Equipment Rentals joined the transmission industry in Columbus, OH, at the IEEE 14th International Conference on Transmission & Distribution Construction, Operation & Live-Line Maintenance. The Global ESMO conference was a great opportunity to connect with current and future customers at our outdoor demonstration area.

Hinkel Equipment Rentals presented one of the 150’ Bronto Skylift machines in our fleet, offering an up-close experience with this reliable, flexible piece of equipment.

President Mark Hinkel is pleased to participate in the ESMO Conference each year, and looks forward to the 2020 show.

AWPT Training

As of November 2012, all of Hinkel Equipment Rentals’ operators have received PAL cards from AWPT.  As qualified operators of truck-mounted aerials, our team can provide rentals to non-operators in various industries.  The PAL card is an international-standard license that shows an operator’s ability to complete work efficiently and safely. 
By ensuring that all of our operators receive AWPT training, Hinkel Equipment underscores our dedication to keeping work at height safe and effective.  If you are thinking of renting from Hinkel Equipment in the future, also consider receiving Operator Training from and AWPT training center, such as the Institute for Aerial Lift Safety in Philadelphia, PA.  When your operators possess a PAL card, our machine-specific familiarization process delivered on the first day of a rental will take up less time, allowing your team to get to work sooner.

Bronto Skylift at work

Today, workers used one of Hinkel Equipment Rentals’ Bronto Skylift S 111 MDT to replace the light fixtures on a parking structure at Cooper Hospital in New Jersey.  The compact dimensions and light weight were perfect to minimize traffic disruption at the entrance to the parking garage. 

Cooper Hospital

Photo by Mark Hinkel

Hinkel Adds new 150’ Bronto

Hinkel Equipment has added a new S 150 XDT to its fleet, which now has three 150’ Brontos.  Here is a picture of the new machine outside of our workshop. 


This machine can be transported easily throughout the States. Due to its excellent height-weight ratio, it does not need permits for travel, which means we can deploy the machine for work within a day.  Please contact Hinkel Equipment for a demonstration of this great aerial lift, and let us know if you have any questions about its capabilities. 

Hinkel Adds second 150’ Bronto

Hinkel Equipment Rentals is excited to announce the addition of a second 150’ Bronto Skylift to the fleet.

The new Bronto has 150’ working height and a total weight of 44,000 lbs. Mounted on a 6x6 International 7600 chassis with automatic transmission, the Bronto is perfect for reaching a variety of applications. Its light weight allows it to be transported to locations throughout the USA quickly and easily. 


Contact us with any questions about how this new Bronto can help your workers complete tasks safely and efficiently. 

ESMO 2011

The ESMO 2011 Conference is only 1 month away, and Hinkel Equipment Rentals will again be assisting Bronto Skylift in their expo booth and at the outdoor demonstration area.

Hosted by National Grid in Providence, RI, the ESMO Conference runs from May 16th to
May 19th. If you perform transmission line work, then this conference is not to be missed.
From educational seminars and indoor vendors’ booths, to an outdoor demonstration area filled with tower manufacturers, wire stringing tools, aerial lifts and numerous other examples of the newest equipment for maintenance or construction of transmission lines, ESMO delivers. Bronto will have two units at ESMO, a 178' insulated unit for bare-hand capability, and one of Hinkel Equipment’s compact 150' steel aerials.

The S 150 XDT (eXtreme Duty Telescopic) is revolutionary for its compact dimensions, light weight and generous platform capacity-up to 1500 pounds. The Bronto B+3 Control system measures the load in the platform, the boom length and boom angles, and even the wind speed in order to maintain the optimal working envelope. The work platform is equipped with hydraulic tool outlets, a material handling boom and 110V AC outlets, which eliminates the need for frequent trips back to the ground.

With a total transport weight of less than 45,000 pounds when used on a 6 x 6 chassis, the 150' Bronto is legal for road travel through every state, 365 days per year. Off-roading also benefits from the light weight, requiring less right-of-way preparation than older, heavier units. An automatic transmission eases the driver's workload, too.

We hope to see you at the ESMO 2011 Conference. Please stop by the indoor booth, and visit our outdoor exhibit stand to experience the Bronto machines.

New Mechanic Added

Hinkel Equipment is pleased to announce that we have added another mechanic to our team.  Our technical team is fully versed in all areas of Bronto Skylift maintenance and repair, and we are on call at any time for our customers. 

Welcome to the team, DJ!

SIA Conference 2010

Mark Hinkel, president of Hinkel Equipment Rentals, will be speaking at the SIA conference in Philadelphia on July 22nd. The topic will be “Aerial Lift Safety Training: What’s in it for me?”

Mark will outline the responsibilities of each stakeholder in the chain of custody for an aerial lift before and during a job. He will also remind the audience of the important difference between training and familiarization.

We hope to see you there!

New Fleet Addition - 150

Hinkel Equipment Rentals is excited to announce the addition of a new Bronto Skylift to the fleet.  This brand-new machine will be delivered to the Philadelphia area in March 2010. 

The new Bronto has 151’ working height and a total weight of 44,000 lbs.  Mounted on a 6x6 International 7600 chassis with automatic transmission, the Bronto is perfect for reaching a variety of applications.   

Hinkel Equipment Rentals looks forward to expanding the fleet to better serve our clients.

ICUEE 2009

Hinkel Equipment Rentals will be attending ICUEE 2009 next week.  We look forward to seeing you at the Bronto Skylift Booth (lot N, space N2027) in Louisville. Please visit us for an opportunity to experience the excellence of a Bronto Skylift for yourself.

For almost 40 years, Bronto has been the market leader in tall aerial lifts. With lifts ranging from 75 to 341 ft, Brontos are perfect for transmission line maintenance.

Hinkel Equipment Rental Associates will be your partner in the sale or rental of a Bronto Skylift. Offering 24/7 service, as well as parts ordering and shipping, we will ensure that all stages of the sale or rental go smoothly. Please come and talk with us about any questions you have about the safe, reliable Bronto Skylift.

ICUEE postcard Front

ICUEE 2009

Hinkel Equipment Rental Associates will be attending the ICUEE 2009 conference from October 5-8 in louisville, KY.  We will be part of the Bronto Sklift Booth, N2027 (located in lot N). 

Please stop by to talk to us about Bronto Skylift sales and rentals.  We will have Brontos there to demonstrate for you.  Come fly with us and get a unique view of ICUEE from the sky!

New Fleet Addition - 200

Hinkel Equipment Rental Associates has added a 200’ Bronto unit to its fleet, bringing the total to 12 units.  This machine joins a fleet comprised of units in five different sizes, ranging from 111’ to 200’.

The Bronto is mounted on an all-wheel drive International chassis and features automatic outrigger leveling and redundant safety features.  With a working height of 200 ft, it is one of the tallest truck-mounted aerials available in the United States.

Hinkel Equipment Rentals offers these machines for a variety of uses, including transmission line maintenance, building and bridge inspection, movie and TV production, and wind farm maintenance.  Previous customers include public utility companies and transmission line contractors. 

The new Bronto was demonstrated on behalf of Bronto Skylift at the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC) in Williamsburg, Virginia, on June 21-24, 2009.